jewelskeep in mind…no two pieces created are exactly alike.
** more to come**


-this asymmetrical pair is 8″ long

prim floral $50

-gold and silver chain drips from these gems

prim wave $50

-love or hate butterflies…i bet you love these

prim butterfly  $50

-this is lightly fringed for those not as daring

lightly prim $100

-nice and committed

major prim $150


 -these can come in array of different colored pheasant

fly $30

-any color feather can be combined with looped chain

fly chain $45

-wing feathers are used making these lovelies 10″+ long

fly pigeon $50

-any two feather combinations can be used

triple fly $55

-these contain over 100 feathers at around 12″ long

custom fly $60+

-these pheasant feathers are 6″+ long with a 20″ chain

fly earchain $70


-hand shredded and trimmed to 4″ (comes as a single)

single strap $35

-hand shredded and trimmed to 4″ (comes in a pair)

double strapped $60

-this beauty has 12″ fringe sitting below the waist

strapped in snake $200

-this killer has three layers of fringe!

strapped down  $250


-these tassels really are heavy…

heavy rust $40

-shoulder-duster to the max

heavy sea $40

-this chain braided rope can be knotted, tied, and let out

heavy rust $75

-have a little more fun with a triple

heavy cream $85